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Top Rated Recreational Kayaks

There are different models and types of kayaks on the market today. Choosing the right kayak can be a daunting experience especially for the first time buyers. The different models vary in weight, design, features, and size. You can use your device for fishing, paddle boarding and kayaking. paddling or Many people find it hard when searching for the best kayak. This write-up is going to share the top-rated models that you need to consider when buying one.

Ocean Kayak Frenzy


This device has an open design, and it is known for offering plenty of room for the cargo. It comes with big room on its seat ad two deck lashings. It is an ideal model for recreation purpose. It is mainly used by people who want to take their dogs with them when traveling. It has an average weight of 43 pounds- it is not heavy for users. This device is well designed to provide exceptional stability, enhanced tracking, and maneuverability. It has an average length of 9 ft. It comes with a padded back that offers maximum comfort.

Lifetime 10 Foot Manta Tandem Kayak

This is a great model that can be used as a tandem or single kayak. It comes with a high seat that keeps the rider comfortable and dry. It is designed with two double-sided paddles and two soft backrests. It is lightweight. Additionally, this model is well-designed to prevent tipping over. It has a capacity 500 lbs and length of 10 ft.

Sun Dolphin Aruba

This is a sit-in kayak that is lightweight. It has an average weight of 4 pounds but is very durable. It is an affordable model that comes in many colors that you can choose from. It comes with storage and carrying handles. Its average  weight capacity is 250 lbs and a length of ten feet.

Old Town Canoes Kayak

recreational kayakThis is another recreational kayak that is well-designed to make the rider more comfortable. It is designed with a knee and thing pads which make the rider feel comfortable. It can easily head out on quiet waters. It can be used on ponds, lakes, and slow-moving rivers. It is made of a single layer of polythene it is exceptionally strong and sturdy. Its average weight is about 44 lbs, and it can be loaded easily on a vehicle.

Sea Eagle 370

This is a featured kayak for beginners. It is an affordable kayak which is portable and lightweight, but it is remarkably durable and stable. It has an average weight of about 32lbs. In addition to this, this device can be folded easily to fit in the car trunk. It is designed for carrying three people or a load if 650 lbs.…